Basic Scope of Operations

It includes, on the one hand, the production of European quality products, manufactured on the basis of an individual design, prepared per client specifications, and on the other hand, the repair, refurbishing and delivery services we offer.

Asphalt Mixing Installations

We offer to our clients mobile, quickly relocatable asphalt mixing installations KA-100 and KA-160 with cycle action and production capacity of 100 and 160 tons per hour respectively.

We use the best German structural solutions as the basis of our equipment design. The vertical position of the installation tower makes possible the compact installation dimensions and allows for substantial operational savings in terms of electricity costs. The equipment is designed and manufactured in compliance with the maximum legally acceptable transport dimensions and therefore no additional transport permits are needed.

Bulmak 2005 has been manufacturing the same types of equipment for many years now and this has allowed us to achieve consistent high quality and reliability indicators for the whole operation period of our asphalt mixing installations (more than 12 years). Our clients have not reported a single case of a critical equipment malfunction. Our experts are in constant communication with the operating entities and we work around the clock to further improve our asphalt mixing installations and to ensure total compliance with the strict requirements of the road building industry and our clients’ specifications.

Our produce is accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity and all pertinent operation permits. Production has been certified to meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001. We have at our disposal several workshops with a large number of processing stations and CNC machines, which ensures the high quality of produced units. This, in turn, guarantees long years of reliable operation for all equipment, manufactured by us and purchased by our clients.

We offer an 18-month guarantee for all asphalt mixing installations.
In this way equipment can be operated without incurring additional expenses for the duration of two seasons—a long enough period to break even on costs with a moderate work load.

Our company has a specialized service center, which offers supervising and commissioning services, as well as training of client staff. We also offer additional assistance for the operational solving of issues pertinent to the delivery of spare parts and the servicing of equipment, using our own vehicles. The deadline for a specialist visit ranges from 1 to 3 days depending on the complexity of the problem and the distance.

Considering the price-quality ratio we deliver the best equipment in Bulgaria. Our products meet all the requirements of our clients: reliability, productivity, mobility, economy, compliance with environmental standards, service center availability.



Metal Structures and Metal Products

We specialize in the following activities:

  • Manufacture, delivery and assembly of metal installations and structures.
  • Production of components for shipbuilding and ship repair (welding and hull works, marine metallic structures—manholes, metal doors, portholes, bars, etc).
  • Mounting of heat producing installations.
  • Installation of all types of facilities and installations in power plants; thermal insulation of pipelines.
  • Manufacturing, delivery and installation of power equipment and components for them.
  • We have blasting and painting compartments.

Compost Installations

In 2015 BULMAK 2005 successfully developed a unique (both in Bulgaria and Europe) “INSTALLATION FOR COMPOSTING OF ANIMAL WASTE” in the village of Karamanovo, PPK START 93. The installation is suitable for the processing of biodegradable waste.
The installation consists of:

  • An automated system for the precise dosing and mixing of materials.
  • Aerobic composting, executed in rotating closed systems with continuous operation mode, characterized by full automation and process control.
  • Passive composting in communicating vessels for maturation and stabilization, fitted with aeration of systems.

Mechanical Processing

BULMAK 2005 has a wide range of equipment for machining of various parts.
We have the following machines at our disposal:

  • A CNC line for automatic drilling, cutting and marking of double-T sections.
  • A line for plasma and gas cutting of plates with dimensions of 12,000 mm x 3,000 mm x 38 mm.
  • A coordinate machine with a worktable of 1,000 mm by 600 mm.
  • C11 and C13 universal lathes.
  • FU 251 and FU 351 universal milling machines.
  • A Borverg with a worktable of 1,000 mm by 1,000 mm.
  • А flat grinding machine with a worktable of 1,500 mm by 320 mm.
  • Cutters for sheet material with a maximum thickness of 13 mm.
  • Shaping.
  • 3-roll rollers for components with a maximum thickness of 10 mm, maximum width of 2,000 mm and diameters of 270 mm.
  • 4-roll rollers for components with a maximum thickness of 30 mm, maximum width of 3,000 mm and diameters of 470 mm.
  • An edging machine 3,000 mm x 6 mm.
  • Radial and column drilling machines.

…and we can do a lot with their help.


We have experience in the following activities:

  • Repair of installations in the chemical and copper industries.
  • Repair and refurbishing in the shipbuilding and ship repair segment.
  • Repair of heat producing installations.
  • Repair and refurbishing of all types of facilities and installations in power plants; thermal insulation of pipelines.
  • Repair, reconstruction and maintenance of agricultural equipment.
  • All repair activities for the restoration of equipment and machines, as well as the manufacture of new products are performed to high quality and safety standards.